Large format

The large format folded artworks are all 1m x 1m x 3cm in size with five types of composition; Cross Current, Constructive Interference, Making Waves, Folded Perspective and Grid Formation. Each is created from a process of drawing, scoring and folding using a single sheet of transluscent drafting film.

Illusions of triangles and parallelograms appear to shift in depth and shape when casting light over each faceted surface. This illusion is exaggerated further with the movement of the viewer when different patterns are discernible depending on the angle from which they are viewed.

‘I enjoy the discipline that’s required in the making of each folded surface. I find the creative process of drawing, scoring and folding akin to a form of meditation and I am totally absorbed for hours at a time. There is always an element of surprise that I find hugely rewarding when a final relief form emerges. Each form essentially combines my personal expression and making with the logical rationale of geometry’.

Cross Current

Cross Current, 2023

Cross Current II, 2023

Cross Current II (detail)

Cross Current III, 2023

Cross Current III (detail)[/caption

Constructive Interference IV

Constructive Interference, 2017

Constructive Interference

Constructive Interference I (detail)

Constructive Interference II, 2019

Constructive Interference II (detail)

Constructive Interference IV, 2019

Constructive Interference IV (detail)

Constructive Interference V, 2019

Constructive Interference V (detail)

Making Waves

Making Waves I, 2017

Making Waves I (detail)

Making Waves III, 2018

Making Waves III (detail)

Making Waves IV, 2021

Making Waves IV (detail)

Folded Perspective

Folded Perspective I, 2019

Folded Perspective I (detail)

Folded Perspective II, 2019

Folded Perspective II (detail)

Folded Perspective IV, 2019

Folded Perspective IV (detail )

Folded Perspective V, 2022

Folded Perspective V (detail)

Grid Formation

Grid Formation, 2017

Grid Formation (detail)

Grid Formation IV, 2019

Grid Formation IV (detail)

Grid Formation V, 2021

Grid Formation V (detail)